On Premises and Project Photos


Rebuild.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Machining a Roller

As part of the manufacture of the Mining Conveyors, MMF built and machined .... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Rolling Plate for Ductwork

Here a team of MMF workers are rolling plate steel to form sections of 48" .... [PHOTOS & MORE]

MMF Expansion

In 2012, MMF expanded its facility to include a dedicated Finishing Departm.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Ducting and Air-flow Management

A major build and installation project was undertaken to revise air-flow an.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Mining Conveyors

A large project undertaken by MMF was the manufacture of mining equipment f.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Mobile Conveyors

A variant of the Mining conveyors built by MMF was this tandem conveyor, wi.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Our CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) cutting table can handle steel pl.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Cyclone Installation

Double Cyclone Installation.... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Equipment Installation

This photo shows a recent equipment installation project..... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Boiler Installation and Piping

At Milltown Machine we offer Boiler Installation and Piping..... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Drawbridge Belt Conveyor System

Image shows a drawbridge belt conveyor system..... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic unit installation. .... [PHOTOS & MORE]

Belt Conveyor System

This image shows a belt conveyor system being fabricated and assembled in h.... [PHOTOS & MORE]